2016, Trondheim - click to view -

2016, Trondheim
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2015, Geneva - click to view -

2015, Geneva
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2012, Berlin - click to view -

2012, Berlin
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2012, Oslo - click to view -

2012, Oslo
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Previous solo performances:

23.11.17 – Kristiansand kunsthall (Kristiansand/NO)
19.08.17 – Frantasia festival (Livermore falls, me/US)
08.03.17 – Goethebunker (Essen/DE)
07.03.17 – Ort (Wuppertal/DE)
06.03.17 – Kreuzung an Sankt Helena (Bonn/DE)
05.03.17 – Black box im Cuba (Münster/DE)
04.03.17 – Kunstmuseum (Bochum/DE)
03.03.17 – VHS (Duisburg/DE)
02.03.17 – Bergerkirche (Düsseldorf/DE)
01.03.17 – Loft (Cologne/DE)
19.08.16 – Frantasia festival (Livermore Falls, me/US)
30.04.16 – Mære kyrkje (Sparbu/NO)
29.04.16 – Leira kapell (Trondheim/NO)
28.04.16 – Stjørdal kirke (Stjørdal/NO)
27.04.16 – Sakshaug kirke (Inderøy/NO)
21.02.16 – Vår Frue kirke (Trondheim/NO)
12.02.16 – Parliament on King (Sydney/AU)
01.01.16 – Sydney improvised music association (Sydney/AU)
30.01.16 – SoundOut festival (Canberra/AU)
15.01.16 – Alte schmiede (Vienna/AT)
05.12.15 – Mozg (Warsaw/PL)
04.12.15 – Mozg (Bydgoszcz/PL)
03.12.15 – Centrum Amarant (Poznan/PL)
02.12.15 – Rozkurz (Wroclaw/PL)
21.11.15 – Festival Akouphene (Geneva/CH)
20.11.15 – Atelierkonzerte (Basel/CH)
08.11.15 – Kampenjazz (Oslo/NO)
08.05.15 – Levande musik (Gothenburg/SE)
28.04.15 – Pizdets (Oslo/NO)
20.02.15 – Capella Johannea (Oslo/NO)
21.11.14 – Concert series “MA” (Oslo/NO)
18.10.14 – Trondheim kunstmuseum (Trondheim/NO)
08.10.14 – Spillerom 18 (Oslo/NO)
20.06.14 – Progkunstfestivalen (Oslo/NO)
05.06.14 – Capella Johannea (Oslo/NO)
01.10.13 – Musikkbaren (Oslo/NO)
11.05.13 – Trondheim jazzfestival (Trondheim/NO)
23.10.12 – Meta.Morph biennale (Trondheim/NO)
28.09.12 – Artisten (Gothenburg/SE)
27.09.12 – Ila fysikalske (Oslo/NO)
26.09.12 – Trondheim kunstmuseum (Trondheim/NO)
25.09.12 – Nils Aas kunstverksted (Inderøy/NO)
24.09.12 – Kulturbruket (Ørland/NO)
03.09.12 – Labor sonor (Berlin/DE)
26.05.12 – TS12/Babel (Trondheim/NO)
20.04.12 – Ni muser (Trondheim/NO)
25.01.12 – Nattergalen (Trondheim/NO)
09.08.11 – Gutvik ukentlig (Oslo/NO)
05.07.11 – Mitt andra hem (Gothenburg/SE)
19.06.11 – Kollektiv Akt/Moë (Vienna/AT)
12.06.11 – Rathaus (Bad Oldesloe/DE)
03.06.11 – Witzli Poetzli (Antwerp/BE)
03.05.11 – Hasselblad center (Gothenburg/SE)
15.04.11 – HSM (Gothenburg/SE)
19.03.11 – IBA col·lectiu d’improvisació (Barcelona/ES)
20.12.10 – Levinsalen, NMH (Oslo/NO)
21.11.10 – Café Under konstruktion (Copenhagen/DK)
06.11.10 – Kafé Klavér (Stockholm/SE)
10.10.10 – Konstmuseet (Gothenburg/SE)
02.06.10 – Hasselblad center (Gothenburg/SE)
06.08.09 – Teaterfabrikken (Ålesund/NO)
25.11.08 – HSM (Gothenburg/SE)

- Written about "Melting into foreground" (2015)

On both pieces, Nørstebø keeps his compositional structures clear through a balanced use of filled and empty space. The silences he allows between passages of sound tend to act as boundaries separating sections into disjunctive events defined by dramatic changes in timbre as well as in organization and dynamics. And despite his deliberate distorting and dismantling of the trombone’s conventional voice, he allows a fundamental warmth to pervade both performances.
Avant music news, Daniel Barbiero (USA)

He plays with focused control and measured reserve and shows a wise sense of using the resonant acoustics of the Capella Johannea in the Majorstuen church in Oslo, where this album was recorded. Nørstebø manages to transform the trombone in this piece into a unique sound generator, in a similar manner to the most experimental playing of British sax player John Butcher. All while balancing between intuitive following of the fleeting sounds and a linear construction of this piece.
Free jazz blog, Eyal Hareuveni

- Written about "SOLO" (2011)

Tio soloimprovisationer med fett sound och stor teknik kopplar upp oss med den gamla fina trombonskolan, där läpparna talar och en lur är en lur. Det är både svettigt och vackert.
Soundofmusic, Thomas Millroth (Sweden)

(…)  this release by the young Norwegian improvisational trombonist Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø, an up-and-coming star of the scene in my opinion, goes beyond any dictates coming from musical trends, marketing pithy sayings or even social prejudices as some listeners joke on trombone considering it a musical instrument for beggars.
Chain D.L.K., Vito Camarretta (USA)

More so than most brass instruments, the trombone has the structure to be used as a solo instrument, yet, as these choice examples of contemporary Europe an solo trombone discs make obvious, careful planning as well as limitless chops is needed to make things work.
(…) the exposition is dedicated to fully formed vibrations resulting from a blustery chromatic tone and tongue stops. Utilizing extended brass techniques ranging from wide-bore blowing to expansive throat tightening, Nørstebø produces any manner of textures from his horn.

The New york city jazz record (USA)

(…) as if music for solo trombone was the most most common and popular thing in the world. The album as a whole is simply a full-blooded testimony of a very promising musician and one of the brightest indications that the Norwegian avant-garde scene isn’t leaving it’s internationally dominant place.
His voice magazine, Jan Faix (Czech republic)