Lana trio
Andreas Wildhagen – drums
Kjetil Jerve – piano
Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø - trombone

A rare flower, blooming for the first time in 2007, gradually developing its unique scent ever since.
Lana trio is a forum for perpetual personal and social process, and the sum of three strongly individual artists that enable each other's specificities through a mutual discarding of judgement and dogmas. Coming together only ocasionally to form this trio, each meeting demands a clean slate and renewed tactic, nothing is constant. Lana trio is like an organism on the verge of breakdown, a runaway train on its last journey, an ocean of present existence.

The trio have released three records; Lana trio (2013), Live in Japan (2014) and With Sofia Jernberg (2018), and recently spent a day in a countryside studio recording their fourth.

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"Lana Trio succeeds to harness its challenging,
experimental flights, and the determined exploration
of inventive new sounds and fresh forms of interplay
into a cohesive, tough, loose, structure that
surprisingly sounds engaging and accessible."

- Eyal Hareuveni, All about jazz