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99 words for void - Bastard festival/Avant garden, Trondheim (NO)

99 Words for Void Lond Malmborg (SWE/EST)

Our fundamental values are threatened! In this performance we meet two knights who are sent out to defend them, while their dilemma is that they are not sure of what these values are.

99 Words for Void is set in an experienced dissonance built into the European model of mixing neoliberal politics with humanist rhetoric. A dissonance which easily can produce a feeling of ideological alienation. This piece functions as a platform where this alienation can be experienced and grow. Lond and Malmborg create a cozy-claustrophobic world where the hope for an utopia ahead has been erased and substituted with wishes for an immediate utopian experience, for instance a cup of perfectly brewed coffee.

22. September 2016, 18:00 (95 min)
24. September 2016, 20:00 (95 min)